Young Mary Yankovic
Nick Yankovic, 1942
Nick & Mary Yankovic
Al, 20 minutes old
Amused by flowers
Pillow peacock
Learning to walk
Beach ball chair
Aunt Dot's accordion
New Years baby
Photo booth fun #1
Photo booth fun #2
Back yard family shot
Look ma, no hands
What are you lookin' at?
Early publicity shot
Happy family
Young and formal
Photo booth fun #3
Photo booth fun #4
Alfy the sailor
Birthday loot
Nana's back yard
Hawaiian Al and mom
Mickey Mouse ears
Train set
Watermelon cake
Young Al
Photo booth fun #5
Photo booth fun #6
Photo booth fun #7
Photo booth fun #8
Aunt Dot
Good posture
Alfy and China
Baby teeth
Astronaut and deformed pumpkin
License plate collection
Off to work
Photo booth fun #9
Photo booth fun #10
Nick, Mary & Alfy at Xmas
Photo booth fun #11
Daddy ride
Belvedere Snoozin'
I used to be cute
Accordion solo
Way too happy
Myron Floren
Rockin' out
Aunt Lena
The Deer Feeder
Accordion cake
Burger Cake
Alfred and China
The happiest place on earth
Accordion portrait
MAD cake
Scooter ride
Watermelon & dirty knees
Living room camping trip
School picture
Riding bike by my front yard
Spelling bee champ
13 cake
Really, how do you like my glasses?
That goat doesn't love you!
Mary, Nick and teenage Al
The pilgrimage
What's up with this shirt?
Car pooling with Elton
Speech trophies
Senior picture
Overdressed and serious
Mary, Nick and the graduate
Valedictorian speech
I'll take two
Riding in a clothes drier
The Yankovics
There's no place like home

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