In the studio for Straight Outta Lynwood, part 2!
In the studio for Straight Outta Lynwood, part 1!
Al mixes it up
Poodle Hat sessions # 1 - 2003
Poodle Hat sessions # 2
Poodle Hat sessions # 3
Poodle Hat sessions # 4
Poodle Hat sessions # 5
Al hard at work
Jim relaxes
The start of Poodle Hat - 2002
Al & the band at work
Steve and Jim talk it over
Steve jams on The Simpsons
Bermuda's heavenly drumming
RWS listening party - Victoria Jackson & Judy Tenuta
RWS listening party - Dr. D & the band
Tress MacNeille
Running With Scissors sessions - April '99
Al gets down & dirty with his accordions
Al gets board
Reel Big Fish
Al, with a twist!
Jim reflects on his performance
Working on the RWS originals
Starting Running With Scissors
In the rehearsal studio
BHD listening party - Al & Rubén
BHD listening party - Al, Bermuda & cake
Al mocks the speaker
Band doing vocals for Bad Hair Day
The engineers who make it all happen
Steve Jay working on Bad Hair Day
Al & Rubén working on Bad Hair Day
Jim West working on Bad Hair Day
Al & the band singing just for you!
Rick Derringer & the band
Still from The Compleat Al
Recording the first album


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