2008 Tour - Polkarama!
2008 Tour - Canadian Idiot
2008 Tour - Close But No Cigar
2008 Tour - Why Does This Always Happen To Me?
2008 Tour - Bob
2008 Tour - It's All About The Pentiums
2008 Tour - You're Pitiful
2008 Tour - Wanna B Ur Lovr
2008 Tour - Medley Pt. 1
2008 Tour - Medley Pt. 2
2008 Tour - I'll Sue Ya
2008 Tour - The Saga Begins
2008 Tour - Yoda
2008 Tour - Smells Like Nirvana
2008 Tour - Amish Paradise
2008 Tour - White & Nerdy
2008 Tour - Fat
2008 Tour - Albuquerque
2008 Tour - Spotlight on Jim
2008 Tour - Spotlight on Steve
2008 Tour - Spotlight on Bermuda
2008 Tour - Spotlight on Rubén
R2D2, WAY too!
Rest stop
Cat nap for Rubén
Al & Rex
Big Ad!
Buddy and the band
WAY up high in the sky
Al puts his head together with some famous presidents
The fabulous poodle
Al & Doc
Don't stair...
Sound check
Mobile phone mania
Another two ride the bus
Bus Full of Uncles!!
Hey Mac... I mean, Jim!
The Band Downunder - pictures from their first Australian tour!
Interview in progress...
Computin' on the go
Roller coaster ridin'
You've heard of balloon animals...
Grab a cab
"Seafood Steve" Jay
Jimmy Fallon
Jim's new axe!
Emo Philips
Waiting patiently
Matt Groening
Poodle Hat bus drivers
The Weird Al Experience - An exhibit at the Orange County Fair, July, 2002
See seldom seen scenes - backstage and on stage
Touring With Scissors bus drivers
Boating fun
Hey Rubén, nice hat!
Drew Carey
To the moon, Louis!
Terror for Rubén!
Fists of thunder!
Roller Coaster Capers!
Steve and Rubén share a moment
Tom "T-Bone" Stankus
Rick Derringer
How does Al eat?
The Offspring checks in
Big nasty redhead
One degree of Kevin Bacon
Relaxing after a show
Don't get even, get MAD!
Joey Fatone from 'N Sync
On the go, on the bus
Don Coscarelli
Sleeping tight
Al & his box of weasels
Are two heads better than one?
Running With Gold Albums - Al & the band get their awards!
Jim's sweet tooth
Laptops away! - hard at work in the friendly skies
Winging their way to the next concert
Stringing Rubén along
Meet the crew - the people that make the Bad Hair Tour run!
The '97 Bad Hair Tour photo
"Weird Alice" Cooper
Rubén gets caught short
Band Photo - ...almost!
The '96 Bad Hair Tour photo
Fun on the bus
Steve & Lynette - such a happy couple!
All aboard!
Al & band - boys night out
Al's up in lights!
Hey Al, stop bugging me!
BHD Platinum Award presentation - Thanks a million!!
Al at the Twine Ball
Steve Jay... what a cut-up!
On the Hershey Highway - A tasty trip to a chocolate factory!
Al a cart: Traveling in style
Greg Kihn
Jim's Bad Hair Day
Dick Van Patten & Dr. D
Platinum in Canada - the band with their BHD awards!
Al makes a misnake
Al takes a break during sound check
Amish cookie
Charades - what is Al trying to say??
Rubén - bunk buddy?
"Hungry Al" Yankovic - "Been Caught Nibbling"
The '95 Al-Can Tour photo
Ahoy, mateys!
GHV2 Gold Record award presentation in Canada
Al & band relaxing in Alaska
On the road and on the phone
Sexy Steve shows some skin
Al & band with tour-bus driver
Al & band with "Blues Bob"
Ampex awards
End of '92 tour party
Just For Laughs - Montreal Comedy Festival
'87 Tour photo
Have some cake!
'85 Tour photo
Bus-surfing Steve
Grad Night at Disneyworld
Al on the bus
Al & itinerary
Chillin' on tour with Dr.Demento
Shivering backstage at the Bottom Line
At the famous Agora with Dr. Demento
Al & band enjoying a snack
Rare early band shot (with subs for Jim & Steve)
Late-night rehearsal for "Tomorrow" show

Many of the rare, live, and behind-the-scenes photos in this gallery are from the private collection of Bermuda Schwartz.

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