2007 Tour - Trapped In The Drive-Thru
2007 Tour - Yoda
2007 Tour - Various #4
2007 Tour - Life on the bus
2007 Tour - Albuquerque
2007 Tour - Smells Like Nirvana
2007 Tour - I'll Sue Ya
2007 Tour - Do I Creep You Out
2007 Tour - Canadian Idiot
2007 Tour - Fat
2007 Tour - The Saga Begins
2007 Tour - White & Nerdy
2007 Tour - Wanna B Ur Lovr
2007 Tour - Polkarama
2007 Tour - Various #1
2007 Tour - Various #2
2007 Tour - Various #3
Orange County Fair 2004
Orange County Fair 2004 pt.2
The fabulous poodle... onstage!
Bug-eyed Jim, rockin' out yet again!
You better take the trash out!
Jim & Al butt heads
Smooching with Bermuda
Singing their hearts out
Rubén plays his organ
University of Illinois, Springfield, April 15, 2004
A fine silhouette
Peoria Civic Center Auditorium, April 7, 2004
Al's on fire!
Sing along... - that means everybody!
Rockin' out
Who's that man??
Al really does wanna b ur lovr!
Al gets inspired
Rubén recites a poem
Light on his feet?
College Of DuPage, March 27, 2004
Al's pleading!!
Notice anything... different?
Where's Bermuda??
Wanna B in the audience
The fickle finger of Rubén
Dog Eat Dog
Jim finally meets Jon
Wanna B Ur Lovr
Peace out... y'o'm sayin'?
The sign of the devil, almost
They've got "the look"
Calm Al
Jim not on guitar
Jim West, ladies and gentlemen!
Looka that, looka that!
Time on his hands
eBay Convention
Trash Day
Wanna B A Singr?
Rubén the nerd
Rubén smells a microphone
Orange County Fair - July, 2002
More Orange County Fair
Snack All Night!
Steve the praying mantis
Piggyback Al
Steve goes acoustic!
Jim West on guitar
The band and the fans - Wilkes-Barre, PA
Jammin' Jim West
Halloween show fun!
More mic coordination
Al shows his better side
Al sings Yoga?
A leg to stand on?
Al brings up the rear!
Al's right to bear arms...
Spin cycle?
Like A Pretzel
Rubén sees the light!
Al with accordion
Al - Money For Nothing
Twirling for fun and profit.
Oh what a feeling!
Jim... again!
Darth Rubén
Al sings Germs
Steve Jay on bass
Give the guitarist 40 whacks!
Fast-Fingered Steve!
Hair today...
Another rare shot of Bermuda!
Impressionable Al?
Look at ME!
A close-up of Germs
Steve weathers the storm
Bermie in disguise?
Your face is gonna stay that way!
Santa Mongo
Steve Jay smiling for the camera!
Al takes a stand - and gives it a good licking!
Steve blows it!
Heavenly light?
Danny Brant
Quizzical Al
Steve caught in the act?
Dare To Be Rubén
One more scarf, please!
Steve Jay, what a guy! (some more)
One more minute... with you?
Soulful Germs!
Jon "Bermuda" Smirks
Dare To Be Jim West
Germs - a new perspective?
Psychedelic Saga
Fun with Rubén - last-show-of-the-tour festivities!
Parodist performing Pentiums!
Al 'faces' the Pentiums!
Al's fish story - it's a whopper!
Jim strums Saga!
Another cone bra picture
Al with midi accordion
The Mexican Elvis! (one guess!)
Jim & Steve
Sing along with Al
A small slice?
Rubén and Al - a sideways glance!
Jake Lloyd - The real Anakin shows up at the Greek
Sweatin' to the parodies
Abracadabra, little Stevie!
Diver Jim
Al on accordion!
Jedi Jim
Big Fat Close-up
What an expression!
Happy Birthday Berm! - hope you can stick around!
Steve Jay live at Meadowbrook
Bedrock Al
A cymbal of Bermuda's affection
Grungy hand shadows
Rubén at work
Touring With Scissors - Summer '99 pictures
Kicking off the '99 tour
Jim is happy with his performance!
Jim West, solo maniac
Up close and personal
Barney Rubble - Al sizes things up!
"Satanic Al" Yankovic - blown up out of proportion...
Hah - made ya look!
Eat It
Wausau, WI
The Big Kahuna - the Bad Hair Tour '97
Brian Otto sits in with the band
What's the most painful thing?
"Phantom" Rubén
Jim West trades licks with Al
Steve Jay in the spotlight - literally!
Al & Jim in fake fur
Bermuda solos as Al looks on!
Ever wonder... what happens to the smashed guitars?
Bermuda blows his drum solo!
Al sings his heart out at Pleasure Island
Leapin' Al!!
Gilley's & Disneyworld - 1984
Bermuda & Steve onstage with appropriate wardrobe
Live in Toronto - June, 1983
Al's velvet pants, with Al in them of course!
"Young Al" Yankovic in rehearsal and performance from 1981
Al & Bermuda in a 1981 performance

We would like to thank everybody who has contributed photos and art, especially Denise "Fred" Olderr,
Kristine Slipson, Amanda Deer, Greg & Carol Botz, Sharon Rumberger, Jackie Arns, Cinnamonroe, and Maria Overmyer

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