Cover boy...
Big Al!
American Music Awards 2006
Al on the Tonight Show
"White & Nerdy" video
Weird Al Sculpting Day
"Bob" video #1
"Bob" video #2
Ben Folds and his director
John McCrea from Cake
Al & his parents - an unused scene from the Live! video
"It's All About The Pentiums" video
"The Saga Begins" video
Black Crowes video shoot
Penn & Teller's Sin City Spectacular
MTV Unplugged?
Hanson video shoot
The set of CBS' The Weird Al Show
Al "on" the wall
The real star of The Weird Al Show
Al & band - ready to play on The Weird Al Show
On the "Safety Patrol" set
"Big Al" Yankovic
Dr. Demento's horsey ride
Jim West serves 'em up!
"Gump" video
"Amish Paradise" video
Al with Coolio at the American Music Awards
American Music Awards pre-show
Crash Test Dummies
"Headline News" video - Al & the band
"Headline News" video - lining up a shot
Nirvana portrayed by Bermuda, Steve & Al
Al as Prince for the UHF video
Guns & Roses portrayed by Al & the band
The Beatles... or is it??
ZZ Top portrayed by Al, Bermuda & Jim
Big-screen Bermie - caught in a still from UHF
The Yogurt Incident from The Compleat Al
"I Love Rocky Road" video
"Ricky" video


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